Remotely control Linux via Android

I can now control my torrents and my files on Linux via Android, but what if I want to really have a look at the desktop? Like sitting behind the computer, but from a distance. Well, that’s possible as well and it is not even that complicated.

First we’ll need a way to connect to the Linux computer and we’re going to do so using VNC. As always this is a walkthrough on how I did it using my Android devices (HP Touchpad and HTC Sensation) combined with Bodhi Linux, though it should work on any Debian based distro. In a terminal run;

sudo apt-get install x11vnc

Now, create a new application by a single click on the desktop Settings → All → Apps → Create Launcher . In the dialog, give it a Name (I called mine: X11VNC display :0), a Comment, and in the Application field put in x11vnc -forever -xkb -usepw -display :0 and press Apply. Add this new application to startup by left click on the desktop Settings → All → Apps → Startup Applications. The new app with the name you specified should show up under the Applications tab. Highlight it and click Add. Use the Order tab to change the order if needed, then click OK.

Now setup password used when remotely connecting to your system by issuing the following command from the terminal;

x11vnc -storepasswd

Restart the current session by logging out and back in again. A window should pop up. Fill this out and make sure you allow connections and remember the password you set, as you’ll need it on your Android device.

Speaking of, let’s grab that Android device and go to Google Play, and search for an application named “Jump Desktop Free (RDP & VNC), or click here to go there directly. Install this nice little app and open it.

Select Manual Setup and Fill out the address to your system, which you can find by running the following command in terminal;


It’s the couple of numbers behind “inet addr:”, and select the VNC radiobox. Press Save. Under the Edit screen you see now press Auto Logon, and fill out the password you used when setting up your VNC in Linux. Press Save and select Authentication Method, and select VNC Password. Now press the little guy jumping in front of a cloud, on the top right corner of the screen. This will bring you back to the main screen of the app. Now press the IP you just entered. If you didn’t mess up, you’ll now see your computers desktop on your Android device (and yes, your computer has to be on in order for this to work!) and you’re able to actually control your computer via your Android!

Amazing the technology we have nowadays!


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