Living on Linux

Hello World

This is the first post made on the new version of this website. I am making it to commemorate the occasion. As of yet there obviously isn't much content, but that may change in the future. This site used to be a lot of things over the years, but for the past few it has been nothing more than a placeholder.

Previous website

At any rate, due to my starting a new career path as a software engineer, I have rekindled my love for coding websites. It also may be useful in the future to have a decent website where people can find me and my stuff.

So, I decided to create this new iteration of my website. It's as basic as I felt I could get away with, while still being functional. The look is supposed to emulate a Markdown file. The site uses no Javascript, has zero trackers and is pure HTML and CSS. For more information about the site and its full source, have a look at its Codeberg page.

I am looking forward to once again do something with this place and aim to not let it wither and die (again). So here's to three more years of school and a nice Bachelors Degree when I'm done. In the mean time let's populate this website with useful things!