Living on Linux

The Linux Cast

So I recently made a post about how I maintain this website. It's an odd way of doing it, but it works fantastically well for a site like this. Then it occurred to me that Matt from The Linux Cast has a website that's like mine, however he has found that updating it by editing pure HTML doesn't fit his workflow.

He likes to write in Markdown. This site is written in Markdown. He prefers to have easy deployment and with the simple script I use, I have easy deployment. So... He would probably like my way of maintaining a site. So I reached out to him and asked him if he would be interested in trying to work with his site in my way.

He said he was, so I got to work. I obviously kept the look and feel his site had (as it is very good). Basically, all the work I did was under the hood. I made his site work on Eleventy (the engine that runs his site and mine) and made sure that all he had to worry about was updating his blog and podcasts.

The Linux Cast

For those that do not know, Matt is known as "The Linux Cast" on Youtube. His channel is focussed on Linux related content, which is delivered in a very funny and down to earth way. He also does a weekly podcast also called "The Linux Cast", with Tylor, who also has a very cool Youtube channel under the name of Zaney.

Anyway, both he and I agree that we enjoy this way of maintaining our site and we'll probably keep this up until something better comes along. I wish Matt all the best with his website and encourage everyone to take a look at his site!